Supreme Consumptive
Consumption:  To live boldly and walk the shining path of righteousness. 

Consumption was the leading natural killer of people in up through the 19th century.  But through advances in medicine, science and the development of the behemoth technocratic nation-state apparatus we were able to defeat this horrible disease entirely.

No longer do you find anywhere in the world the word ‘consumption‘ on the certificate listing the cause of death.  So why resurrect a name with such morbid associations?  Because it shows what we can do when we work together and is a model we can follow as we scamper headlong into the 21st century.  With the defeat of consumption as our model and inspiration we can strive against new diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, and rickets.  Drink your milk, kiddies.

We will before your eyes create articles for your consumption reeking of enjoyment, hope and confidence in the future; all under the dark veil of historical truth and journalistic accuracy of the highest order.

Occasionally we write about the event known as Burning Man.  The event North of Reno’s subtle embrace of the Byzantine & Bizarre makes ignoring it impossible.