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Posted: March 25, 2016 in 2016, Symbiosis
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Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – It’s been a blast.  I drew another picture.  C U Next Year…

Pyramid Lake at Night

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) -Symbiosis Gathering 2012 Final Night.

I got James Blake’s set list!

After all the solar eclipses, chemtrails and auto tune HAARP machine dutep antagonism James threw down a great set!

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) –

2012 Solar Eclipse Live Updates

18:41 – Update 9 – It cleared up at the end.  That’s beautiful. That is all for now, bad phone service, I hope to have pictures up soon…

18:35 – Update 8 – James Blake is on  stage yelling at the audience.  He says Americans have ruined dubstep.  It’s too upbeat or something…this is really weird.  Skillrex is ‘pants’ apparently…  He is saying his big Auto-Tune HAARP machine is blocking the eclipse with chemtrails to make his set more melancholy…he marches off stage…

18:31 – Update 7 – The Peak totally obscured by chemtrails.  James Blake has taken to the stage, this is getting weird…

18:15 – Update 6 – Eclipse reaching its peak shortly.  Chemtrail looking clouds still blocking a lot of it…

18:01 – Update 5 – Lots of phone interference, weird clouds everywhere. Crowd upbeat but people whispering about chemtrails blocking the eclipse…

17:51 Update 4 – Weird Looking Clouds Blocking Eclipse.  Blakes’s Auto-Tune HAARP machine on stage making weird noises…

17:35 Update 3 – I’m near the eclipse stage, high energy, protective glasses, good vibes all around.  Looks like James Blake roadies setting up early for his set.  Bringing out Blake’s famous large Auto-tune processing machine with HAARP label on side.  Interesting…

17:19 Update 2 – Here we go!

16:56 Update 1 – After a beautiful day full of merriment, sleep, mirth and a great Russell Liquid set its almost eclipse time.  Get your protective eye gear ready!

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – Stay tuned for live updates of the solar eclipse from Symbiosis Gathering right here.  In the meantime off to enjoy a great brassy bass set from Russell Liquid

Check out Russ Liquid on Soundcloud

And twitter @russliquid

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) –  That was an amazing night last night.  I drew a picture last night of how Pyramid Lake looked at 3am:

OK, I needz some sleep…

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – Arriving a day ahead of his career critical Eclipse set at Symbiosis Festival James Blake landed at the Naval Air Station a few miles away in Fallon, NV.  Accorded the preferential treatment all British Pop Stars receive from Her Majesties Royal Air Force, Blake was flown from Leuchars Airforce base in the UK to Nevada on a RAF DC-3.

James Blake, his entourage and the worlds largest Auto-tune machine arrive at NAS Fallon 1700 hours 19th May, 2012.

After landing Star and Stripes asked Blake if he had any special plans for the Lunar Eclipse set.

“Americans ruined dubstep.  They are probably ruining it right now at Pyramid Lake.”  The military and music paper of record asked what he is going to do different. “Me and the moon and the sun are going to take it back,” said James elliptically. “Me, the moon, the sun, and my big auto-tune machine.  Just wait!”

James Blakes Military I.D.

James Blake’s British Military I.D.

In other news: After a massive Friday earlier am wham bang boom set Photek left Symbiosis in stunning fashion:

Photek Blasts Off To Next Gig After Massive Pyramid Eclipse Set

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) –

– Schedule Update –
Birds of Paradise – CANCELLED
Instead something much more exciting…
11:45- 2:00pm Eclipse Stage
European Champions League Final 2012  Live from Munich, Germany:

Come to the Eclipse Stage to watch the Chelsea FC Headhunters vs the ‘Braggadocio of Barvaria

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – High Indian winds and all natural sand conspired to slow set up top a snails pace.

Nectar Symbiosis Crew Hits Delays

How will the weather gods treat Symbiosis the rest of the weekend?


Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – Consumptionblog will be live blogging all things Symbiosis Gathering starting this Friday.  From food vending to pyramid eclipses to sandy late night jaunts to the Andy Gumps Consumptionblog will have it all right here.  
I’d start on Thursday but I will be in Panama – que sera sera…
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