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Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) –

– Schedule Update –
Birds of Paradise – CANCELLED
Instead something much more exciting…
11:45- 2:00pm Eclipse Stage
European Champions League Final 2012  Live from Munich, Germany:

Come to the Eclipse Stage to watch the Chelsea FC Headhunters vs the ‘Braggadocio of Barvaria

Washington, DC – (CN) Even the modest and largely honest sport; pugilistic art of Boxing, has been knocked down a notch by the rampant corruption and mire of Washington, DC.

The bout featuring two belt World Champion Amir ‘King’ Kahn lost to Lamont Peterson in Washington, DC this last December 10th after a disputed points decision.  Washington, DC, an American city is located somewhere between southern industriousness and northern hospitality is has gained a global reputation in recent centuries since the Teapot Dome scandal brought the City into disrepute.

Now a picture (below) have revealed a mysterious man messing with one of the judges.

Giving the Judge a Reach Around

Boxing officials, promoters, and journalists have pointed the finger of blame at the location of the fight, Washington, DC.

GoldenBoy Promotions tweeted on Friday “Amir will never be sullied by Washington, DC again.  The proposed rematch will be held in an honest city like New Orleans or Lagos.”

Amir comments at a press conference mirrored GoldenBoy’s.  “I felt dirty the entire time I was in that doomed city.  Lets keep the hard earned dignity and respect in boxing by holding this in a proper city like Bolton.”

A re-match is said to be in the works.

Help a Consumptive Out – Where can I get an English language audio feed of India v England at Lords – preferable BBC Test Match Special in Costa Rica?

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