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Consumptive Hiatus

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

ConsumptionBlog and Consumptive NewsWire will be be on hiatus as the overworked and underpaid staff take a long sought after vacation to that event north of Reno.

Marc Rests in Nectar Village During the Burn of '85 (It was a good Burn!)

Consumption will return as it always does.    Refreshed and tanned with more exciting features about Burning Man, Minimalist Advice and a new website mashup sure to be in the charts with a bullet.

Until then loyal Consumptives; do take care.

Like a bad woman there are few things you can do to improve bacon.  The one tried and tested way to improve upon bacon is to make more of it.  The other less trodden path to better bacon is to add sugar.

Candied Bacon


You need to use good quality bacon for this – thick and with only natural smoked flavor, none of that Cool Ranch bacon shit all the kids are eating.  Don’t crowd the pan with bacon for this dish – think quality over quantity.

Cut up desired amount of bacon into 1/2 inch lengths.  Don’t use oil – spray the pan with that spray stuff at most, don’t use butter – if you get thick fatty quality bacon it will quickly create it’s own oil, known as Ambrosia.

You’ll need sugar.  It’s not called candied bacon for nothing.  If you are using unrefined ‘raw’ sugar smash it up a bit like you do with cocaine so the granules are a little smaller and the sugar will melt over the bacon better.

Fry up the bacon over medium high heat until the fats’ doing well and pan is well covered in bacon Ambrosia.  This should take under ten minutes.  Drain all Ambrosia from pan except for a tablespoon (more if you are cooking up a lot of it).

Cover each bacon piece with a decent amount of sugar and quickly turn the heat down to low – Think Woody Allen’s ‘Sweet & Down Low’

Keep an eye on the heat – you do not want the sugar to burn, rather you want to melt the sugar onto the bacon.  Should take about 5 minutes.  Bacon will turn dark with melted sugar and Bob’s your uncle.   Take off heat immediately and let cool.

Once cool the candied bacon is lovely on the top of some vanilla ice cream (seriously!).

Music to listen to while making this dish:
That Brasilian Bossa Nova crap you hear at Starbucks
Aphex Twin AFX Analord #8
Cat Steven’s Tea for the Tillerman

Happy New Years

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’d like to wish all my readers a Happy New year Two O Double Hockey Sticks!