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My great coffee bean moments of 2015



Costa Rica Beware!

Before the Saturday quarter final World Cup extravaganza against the Dutch take these words to heart: : “Dutch Footballers are Nasty, Brutish, and Tall.”  Tommy Hobbes – famous English football commentator at the World Cup in 1651 in Groningen featuring the Oranje menace versus the Kingdom of Silesia.


“Robben is a Wanker”


Team Silesia took the lead on a face paced counter break driving down the right wing and swinging in the Charles I’s head which was used as the ball and headed home by attacking Silesia man mountain Miesko.     During the half time interval King Charles II, still smarting over his dead fathers utility in scoring one against his home side ordered the Silesia team drawn and quartered.  This is where the term “quarter finals” is derived from.  The Kingdom of Silesia, in a state of embarrassment had itself drawn and quartered into four kingdoms, promptly joining the Czech, Poles, Austrians and Germans, never again making it to the knock out stages of a World Cup.

Uvita, Costa Rica — (CN) Consumptionblog will making thew journey to Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica later in the week. 

There will be a delay in further news reports until I get back.


If you, dear Consumptionblog reader, happen to be there, be sure to find me and say ‘Hi’.

I will be the skinny, tall white guy.  Long hair, 6 gauge pierced ear holes.  Tattoo on one arm.  Flip flops and shorts.  Smile on my face.  Just finishing up a tidy Ashtanga Primary Series.  I should stick out like a sore thumb.

Envision Here I Come!

I submitted this to the ‘weare99percent’ tumblr.  It will be interesting to see if they take the submission. This message lodged itself into my brain at the beach yesterday and I just had to do it.

Love all y’all consumptives and stuff…

No disrespect to the 99%’ers – but I can’t help but feel most people have more control over their life than they give themselves credit for.

Back to snark, sarcasm and historical stuff soon…

The good Americans of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica stand with you #OccupyWallStreet and believe me – we have grievances aplenty…

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Many people have been asking how I am able to undertake my journalistic endeavors on ConsumptionBlog.

The answer is simple, its my place of residence:

The Blue Morpho Center for Transformation in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.



Check us out!

Help a Consumptive Out – Where can I get an English language audio feed of India v England at Lords – preferable BBC Test Match Special in Costa Rica?

Help a Cricket Fan out!





Costa Rica Essentials

There is no military in Costa Rica so you keep your Buck pairing knife close to you at night just in case Nicaragua or Panama invade.  Reiki and a laptop protector and all your bases are covered!