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“I’m really more and more becoming Stalinist. Hey, come here baby…”

Ljubljana, (CN) – Slavoj the Slovenian Stalinist loved by leftists worldwide explained why the Occupy Movement failed so miserably.

“Occupy? Yes, it’s OK – some great talks, some great arts. Concrete people? No, 99% are boring idiots.”

A committee has been formed by the Occupy Movement to formulate a response.

I submitted this to the ‘weare99percent’ tumblr.  It will be interesting to see if they take the submission. This message lodged itself into my brain at the beach yesterday and I just had to do it.

Love all y’all consumptives and stuff…

No disrespect to the 99%’ers – but I can’t help but feel most people have more control over their life than they give themselves credit for.

Back to snark, sarcasm and historical stuff soon…