Early Zionist Settlement in Lemitar, NM

Posted: February 17, 2011 in History, Silly
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Israeli re-location news now –

Following the offer given to Chief Zion Booster Committee Chairman Theodore Hertzl by British Lord Chamberlain in 1898
that Zionists could set up a homeland in Uganda a small but hearty band of Zionists from Fife, Scotland set off to move to Uganda but by an accident of 9,200.6 miles involving the US postal service and the Black Star Shipping Line they ended up in Lemitar, New Mexico, USA.

Upon meeting the newly arrived Lemitar Zionists local Apache red indians were appalled to find Eagles weren’t kosher and soon lodged complaints with both the Mexican and American Territorial authorities. The complaints fell on deaf ears and soon crude one stage Sioux made arrows were fired by the Apaches at the settlement. A long, low level war of marginal attrition was waged between the two sides in a conflict almost completely forgotten about by American historians.  The conflict lasted until the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

The two dozen Zionist families still in Lemitar in 1948; known to the locals as ‘Lemon Zingers’ as well several Apache Jewish converts moved to the southern Israeli City of Sderot on the border with Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula. Lemitar Leader Issac Zorathustra commented upon arriving at the city of Sderot “I feel we will be a lot more secure and prosperous here, those Red Indians could be real SOBs with their anti-Semitic arrow fire.”

The only remaining remnants of the community in Lemitar is one very lonely looking sign.


  1. David Birnbaum says:

    OK. It’s very clever. You even sucked me in at first. But as a student of history, is any of your story based on fact? I’ve often wondered about that sign.

    • Marc says:

      It’s a bit on the fake side of town – I was driving through Lemitar, stopped at a gas station, saw the sign and said – ‘there is a story there’ and proceeded to invent one on my way to San Antonio. The Lord Chamberlain bit is true but that is it.

  2. David Birnbaum says:

    Thanks for your candor. Looks like I’ll have to do some more snooping.

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