Posted: May 20, 2012 in Satire


Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) –

2012 Solar Eclipse Live Updates

18:41 – Update 9 – It cleared up at the end.  That’s beautiful. That is all for now, bad phone service, I hope to have pictures up soon…

18:35 – Update 8 – James Blake is on  stage yelling at the audience.  He says Americans have ruined dubstep.  It’s too upbeat or something…this is really weird.  Skillrex is ‘pants’ apparently…  He is saying his big Auto-Tune HAARP machine is blocking the eclipse with chemtrails to make his set more melancholy…he marches off stage…

18:31 – Update 7 – The Peak totally obscured by chemtrails.  James Blake has taken to the stage, this is getting weird…

18:15 – Update 6 – Eclipse reaching its peak shortly.  Chemtrail looking clouds still blocking a lot of it…

18:01 – Update 5 – Lots of phone interference, weird clouds everywhere. Crowd upbeat but people…

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