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Shortly after his massive victory Sunday in a bell weather poll past and future GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul took a special call from the President of the American Mugwump Society (AMS).

Paul took the poll with 30% of the vote from the thousands of conservative faithful who gather annually at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Wa Wa Wa Washington, DC.  Mitterand ‘Mitt’ Romney representing the French wing of the American conservatives took 23%.


AMS President Catheter Dave was always confident Paul would win.

“Some folks thought those sweet and tender hooligans with Students for Sensible Policy (SSDP) would put Gary Johnson in the lead but that was not to be,” rasped Catheter on the phone from an unknown location in Tangiers.

It is not known how much influence the mysterious Mugwumps have in super hot primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire.  Their picks in the past have been a mixed bag ranging from Grover Cleveland to Senator Hiram Fong.