Who Should Get Special Parking Status?

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Silly
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The ever Progressive San Francisco is considering granting Nannies special Nanny State Parking Passes so they might more easily allow the owners of said children to get away to more important activities than minding dull children.  Wine Bars in the Marina, Sailing, Combo Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting / Anasara Yoga Singles Nite Class all the way over in Berkeley…things like that.

Any right thinking person of a certain income will grant that such a Nanny Pass should be granted – hell should have been granted 100 years ago.

The permit should look something like this:












What other special groups should get special parking passes for parking?

Three come to mind immediatley:

a) Undercover Police Officers so they aren’t late to set up the criminals:







b) Medical Cannabis Customers (who will only really be parked in front of the Vapor Room for 10 minutes)







c) Food Trucks because eating Korean Tacos is more important that parking.

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