Consumptive Judgement: Homeland vs Game of Thrones

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Reviews, Satire
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Laptop – (CN) – Consumptive in Chief just finished watching Season One of Showtime’s Homeland.

I'm a plausible character, I swear!

April brings us Season Two of the gritty reality based HBO drama ‘Game of Thrones’.  Season One of Game of Thrones’ provided an almost documentary take on the byzantine American political scene.

It's Cold and Dangerous in the Beltway

Consumptive Judgement:

Game of Thrones no doubt.

Toned down production values is the backdrop of ‘Game of Thrones’ simple morality play and mirror on our complicated times.  Great underplayed acting is scene throughout but particularly by Sean Bean in the role of Senator Stark.

Even for the fantasy genre which ‘Homeland’ originates, one cannot help but think it’s far to outlandish to be taken seriously beyond children’s fare.  Sure, Claire Danes gets high marks for her acting in the role of a German speaking voyeur in the East German secret police spying on ginger political miscreants but even she can’t overcome the drool covered plot only head writer Kevin Smith could love.


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