Symbiosis Gathering Music Preview 01: Rustie

Posted: April 20, 2012 in 2012, Music, Reviews, Symbiosis
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Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – Making up for a lack of local sunshine Glaswegian DJ Rustie pushes forth a Cornholio sugar rush of rococo chaotic rush blitz sublime fun kiss.

Check out his Essential Mix on Soundcloud to get a two hour peck on the cheek:

Rustie Twitter: @rustie

The Facebook:

Warp Records:

Glass Swords or Pyramid Eclipse?

  1. Ol Stinky Lives says:

    Nice blog as refrigerator magnet poetry holds up to Cayman kisses wilt-ing man s heart desire. lush pyramid knows infinate ly more.

  2. DB says:

    Rustie’s set at Symbiosis was … an experience. Not quite traumatizing but more … laughable. I was in the company of about a dozen strangers and the conversation kept turning to: ” … seriously Rustie *has* to be fucking with us.” They didn’t believe DJ sets could be that pointless anymore. Rustie’s set was such a farce that one of these strangers even started to trip out whispering loudly about a conspiracy that the government had sent Rustie to fuck with everyone at Symbiosis.

    • Marc says:

      Thanks for the report. I’d like to hear it just for kicks. Rustie is mainly a producer right? I wonder how much he spins live or at festivals, perhaps not in the festival groove or jet lag on that direct London to Reno flight…

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