7 Reasons ‘Hunted’ is better than ‘Homeland’

Posted: October 18, 2012 in 2012, TV
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Wanna watch a weekly spy thriller starring a mentally ill actress who looks good in a beanie?

Forget about Showtime’s awful ‘Homeland’ and switch instead to the eye-stabbingly fun ‘Hunted’ from the BBC. Heres why:

1.  The Ginger Muslim is better off playing the Ginger Jailhouse Gangster

There is No Escape to a Better Role on Showtime

2. Melissa George pouts better than Claire Danes or anyone else on Earth.

Pout Battle? I win.

3. You want the bearded guy to die more than the cockney gangster.

Die Saul Die!

4.  Melissa George eats nothing but Spam, Claire Danes listens to nothing but jazz.

SPAM – Other Spy Food is Available

5. Would you rather work for a company named ‘Byzantium’ in London or something called ‘CIA’ in Virginia?  I thought so.


6. Did I mention ‘eye-stabbing’? Because when plastic surgery goes wrong, revenge is best served with a hypodermic needle to the eyeball.

Hunted has Needles and Need to Use Them

7. Characters that says ‘My firstborn’s not going to end up gutted with his dick cut off.’ are way cooler than spies off their medication.

The history of the CIA summed up in one picture

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