Keep Your Lungs Clean on the Playa with Dr. Klear’s Lung Cleaner

Posted: June 1, 2013 in BurningMan, Products, Reviews


The  Lung Cleaner is the first product of its kind. A revolutionary use for the inhaler. Using a mixture of  Eucalyptus, Salt and Water, The Lung Cleaner provides a “Steam Room in Your Pocket”.  Using the powers of Eucalyptus and qualities of Sea Water, the Lung Cleaner is the new innovation deep breathing has been waiting for.

  1. Sarah says:

    This year’s Burning Man, 2013, was my first burn. I didn’t know what to expect or what to bring but I’m so thankful I thought to pack my Lung Cleaner. Not only did I feel great using it after a dust storm but especially when I needed a little pick me up and to feel refreshed. The eucalyptus oil provided a natural feeling of energy as it cleared my head, sinuses, and lungs. I love this product and make sure I have one with me at all times. Check it out- definitely worth it.

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