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I imagine you are a lot like me.  You cried whenever one of your parental units stopped reading Joseph Conrad aloud and tried to switch to this James fellow and his Giant Peach.  Roald Dahl was the name of the perpetrator of your tears.  As you read below you have reason to cry even louder, but as a grown adult you can now do something about it:

Via the Internet via Boing Boing via ThisRecording:

There is a little bit for everyone to hate about Roald Dahl –

Jews: He hates them.

Republicans: Homewrecker

The Military: Couldn’t hack the AirForce.

Women: He hates them.

Africans: He hates them.

Children: He writes books for the little beasts.

People who work in publishing companies: He yells at them.

Rep. Anthony Weiner: His inappropriate sexy time stuff seems so much more inappropriate and interesting than you.

His writing: It often wasn’t, like, very good and stuff.

His name: Learn how to spell “Roald” – as if.

How can We The People strike back at Roald Dahl?

Help send Roald Dahl to an early grave.

Take that dog eared copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (A secret reference to the Viet Cong btw) and Burn it.  Burn that Giant Peach as well.  Matilda? Burn it too.  On a Kindle?  Burn the Kindle.

You have one week to do this – be brave, buy a lighter, take pictures.