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Echo Park, CA (CN) – Los Angeles based Zen conglomerate Buddhist Geeks, Inc. held a press conference Thursday at the Very Hazy Zen Mediation Center in Los Angeles announcing a new marketing partnership with Makers Mark whiskey.  Makers stated they hope to make inroads into a growing market and Buddhist Geeks hope Makers can be a useful tool in meditation. Free samples of Makers were given out at the event before a 20 minute mediation and media sutra.

“Sometimes its hard, especially for beginners, to clear your head out and reach that blissed out state unique to meditation,” said Buddhist Geeks Founder and CEO Vinny Horn.  “I know from personal experience Makers helps ease you towards that spot.”

All is Bliss, All is Bliss

Buddhist Geeks recently concluded its first successful trade show “BGC 1.0” in July and have been on the radar of industry watchers for some time.  “They [BG] have clearly established themselves as the lead brand of the lucrative 18-35 yo male Buddhists demographic,” said Susan Shambala of Fast Company.  “Makers was smart to make this move so fast.  I know Jagermeister was edging for a deal as well.”

A launch party will be held in November on Naropa University’s ‘Frat Row’.  Greek Fraternity Zeta Epsilon Nau will host the Girls of Makers Mark featuring Buddhist legend Ken McLeod.  Ken will be leading a Makers themed drinking game called “Stalking Death” where students take a shot every time Ken speaks in a slow, calming voice.

Makers Mark SpokesRoshi Roofi RarRaovitch said the company is working on a specially formulated Makers Kombucha Tea called ‘Mothers Mark’.  “The early trials have gone well and we hope to have it next to zafus in time for Christmas.”

Vinny Horn concluded the event opening a bottle of Makers and stating, “Buddhist Geeks.  Seriously Buddhist, Seriously Tipsy.”