BurningMan Thunderdome DeathMatch 2011: Ghaddafi

Posted: June 4, 2011 in BurningMan, News, Silly
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BREAKING: As Ghaddafi’s regime crumbles in Libya its believe he has fled from one desert to anther, arriving early Monday morning in Gerlach on an Early Arrival Pass.


Every Burn since Roman times BurningMan and Deathguild’s Thunderdome has hosted a DeathMatch between two hardened brigands. In the fight where both win a prize – the sweet silence of everlasting death for one and freedom from imprisonment for the other – this year, 2011, is MUST WATCH DEATHMATCH.

DeathGuild and BurningMan held a joint press conference on the ashes of Empire, NV to announce the first DeathMatch Gladiator:

He’ll hit you as many ways as you can spell his name.

His bizarre fashion sense will blind you like playa dust thrown in your eyes.

He’s as crazy as San Francisco Giants Relief pitcher Brian Wilson.

His lengthy rambling talks will feel like 100 bodyshots.

He’s won more prize money than Floyd “The MoneyMaker” Mayweather.

After stepping in the ring with him you’ll soon be begging for the services of his voluptuous blonde Ukrainian nurse.

Yes folks, weighing in at 10 stone not counting the chemical weapons hidden in his rhinestone covered boxer briefs the 42 time Libyan heavy weight champion and war criminal…

The Terror of Tripoli

The Bashaw of Benghazi

The Marader of the Mahgreb

The Jumping Jehoshaphat of Juventus

wait for it…wait for it…wait for it

Muammar Ghaddafi!

Muammar Gaddafi

At the time of the press release The Colonel was not available for comment. The whereabouts of his secret training facility, rumored to be at a Toureg desert Oasis, hidden from the press and the world.

Stay Tuned to find out which War Criminal Ghaddafi will be facing off against. Because the Man Burns in less than 90 days and justice will Burn even brighter.

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