Jesus, Party of 13? Your Table is Ready!

Posted: August 4, 2011 in History, News, Silly
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In an exclusive interview Flo the waitress who served your lord and savior and 12 other guys at a little cafe called “The Last Supper” talked to

Flo, a distant relative of Methuselah still plies her trade but wouldn’t divulge her age.

The cafe is still open but has since relocated to Flatbush in Brooklyn on Ave J. and Coney Island Ave. and has been renamed ‘Khaora’s’. We caught Flo between the lunch and dinner crowd juggling a feisty four top.

CB: Thanks for talking to us Flo – How did the 13 of them strike you; – what do you remember from the dinner, it was a long time ago?

Flo: It was a large party for a small cafe in east Jerusalem – me and the busboy Jesus had to push a bunch of tables together to make it work – Thomas and xxx were at a two top in the middle that rocked a little bit and spilled his Crystal Lite – but a book of matches solved that one.

CB: What did Jesus Order?  Anything surprising in what the other Apostles ordered?

Flo: Jesus and everyone had the bread of course – it comes free – like chips & salsa at a Mexican joint.

They ordered a carafe of wine – a cheap Rose.  Umm let me think – Thomas couldn’t make his mind up between hash and eggs or an egg salad sandwich, I think he finally settled on the chicken strips.  Judas ordered the most expensive thing on our menu, steak and shrimp, and later tried the old ‘Dine and Dash’. The short order cook Mel caught him down the street and made him cough up the shekels.  All the other fellows were pretty straight forward – frank and beans with a scoop of vanilla, scoop of chocolate for desert.

CB: Peter. He turned out to be pretty important later on – anything you remember about him?

Flo: Yeah. He definitely acted like the head honcho at least of the mortals, but he was very forgetful. He showed up late and denied the supper was supposed to take place at 4.  He ordered an onion potato Knish for an appetizer, I remember it plain as day, but he denied he ordered it when I brought it over to him. When it was time to pay the bill Peter said he forgot his wallet and denied Mark had covered for him last time at Morton’s on the Lakehouse.  It caused a big commotion. Thaddeus and Simon were over in the corner. They were the jokers of the lot and Simon started crowing like a rooster and all of a sudden Peter started crying and admitted to everything; even the potato knish. He left a big tip, that’s why I remember so well. Back in the day most folks didn’t tip 12%.

CB: Thanks for the interview Flo – we are really glad we found you and had a chance to talk with you. You look like you been on your feet all day, can I buy you a drink?

Flo: Honey – you can buy me a baked potato – ohh these putz’s want to change their order again…

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