Burning Man 2012 – What Theme Would You Prefer?

Posted: February 1, 2012 in 2012, BurningMan
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San Francisco, CA (CN)  Burning Man announced last week that ‘Fertility 2.0‘ would be the theme for the 2012 Burn.  The theme was announced much later than past years.   This delay lead many to speculate that multiple themes could have made the cut.  ConsumptionBlog talked with a Burning Man insider about six other themes that received serious consideration this year.

  • Wild West – (with Wild Horses replacing of humans in DPW this year it seemed like a natural fit)
  • Bromance (that’s the default theme every year)
  • Green Man 2.0 (minus all that environmental shit)
  • The End (redundant)
  • Cous Cous and Zipties (all you need for a good Burn)
  • BurningMan 2.0 sponsored by the Grand Sierra Resort ® (showers!)
  • Zusammensindwiralleglücklich Festival (’nuff said)

Consumptionblog now asked you the reader your thoughts. 

If you had your druthers what theme would you burden the ‘Event North of Reno’ with in 2012?

Please your responses in the comments section or somewhere else…

  1. Beth H says:

    Wild West was done for Steam Con…. No good to re-use it. What about Set the World Afire?

  2. Marc says:

    Beth, I like that Set the World Afire could work for sure…

  3. […] With The Burn literally days away many of you are only now starting to bring Burning Man into your thoughts.  Since the end of last years Burn many exciting developments have happened.  Don’t worry dear Burners, Consumptionblog has been on top of it.  Here is a quick executive summary to get you up to speed with all things Burning Man just in time for Burning Man 2012:  ‘Wild West’ […]

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