Symbiosis Gathering Music Preview 03: Tipper

Posted: April 26, 2012 in 2012, Music, Reviews, Symbiosis
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Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) –Tipper decided on his DJ name (born Albert) when he discovered that 12% of electronic music fans like [insert trip, glitch, or hip] hop.

At his best Tipper revs the crowd into a smudged, pointillist ‘Golfer vs Boxer’ froth with the redolent confidence of a well practiced electronic craftsman.  Tipper has been on a good streak of late, be excited.

Tipper has been inspired by Pyramid Lake for many years, incorporating the sacred geography of trippy looking triangles and stuff into his album covers for many years.  Check out his latest 7″ single to hit the charts, a cover of the old Pavement track ‘Puzzle Dust

When Tipper performs live expect loud downtempo glitch hop with turntablist gumption.

Check out a great set by Brummie Marc Reck featuring lotsa Tipper tracks from 2010:

Find Tipper here.

Tipper on Soundcloud

Twitter: @tippermusic

  1. marcreck says:

    Thanks for sharing and the kind words mate. All the best

  2. marcreck says:

    Thanks for sharing and the kind words mate – Great blog – keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Marc says:

    Mixcloud – yes of course – always getting them mixed up…thanks for the link.

  4. […] Chuffed to hear my Tipper & Ninja Tune Special featured on a recent post by Consumption Blog […]

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