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If you lost some keys, glasses, or a camera at the event North of Reno click here to see if it’s been found

If you lost your mind, please do consider if you actually want it back.

Fabulous and Lost

And even if you didn’t lose your camera or glasses this year – don’t you just love all these fabulous Burners?

BTW – I’m still looking for my lost CamelBak from the Burn of 2009 which contained the following items:

  • Mini travel toe-nail clipper
  • 6 gel caps 2C-D
  • 1 bottle of Provigil ®
  • 1 tupperware of  Moroccan Cous Cous
  • Baby Wipes / 1/2 roll toliet paper
  • Hot Blonde Yoga Instructor E-mail address  on small piece of cardboard (she was from SF and wearing these cute white and green fuzzy boots; you know who I mean)
  • 2 packets EmergenC
  • 1.3 litres of water

2009 - It was a good Burn!

I think I lost it Friday night at the Port-A-Potties near 6:30 and D.

I am most interested in the yoga instructor’s e-mail address and the 2C-D.

If you have recovered the items in questions, please contact me – no questions will be asked.  I believe later that same night I lost my sense of right and wrong to say nothing of up and down in a dome near Opulent Temple.

What have you lost at Burning Man over the years you’ll never recover but really wish you could?