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And now for your holiday amusement and titillation five future porn parodies of Darren Aronofsky films you won’t be seeing; at least I hope.

The Wrestlers – Two washed up gay wrestlers struggle with failing health, loss of sphincter control, a straight daughter’s rejection and a constantly topless Marisa Tomei.

Before the Academy Knows Your Dead

Requiem for a Dream -A young girl from small town Orange County moves to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a Porn Star but slowly descends into the sordid world of commercials and character acting.

Fuck You Harry Dean Stanton

Black Swan Diving – Two hot neurotic bitches who like to dance get tarted up, drop Ecstasy in a swank New York City nite club and quickly engage in rampant acts of Sapphic zest.

That’s Awesome Show!

The Fountain Head – Mayan End Time Prophecy, Death, and Heroic Doses of DMT won’t stand in the way of a little cock sucking…

DMT is a Hell of a Drug

She’s My 3.14– A 168 minute remake of the classic Warrant Video ‘Cherry Pie’  but slightly less pornographic.  Soundtrack by Johnny Greenwood.

There Will Be Pie