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I'm on a Boat

This is the new $32 Million Dollar Rainbow Warrior III about to be set loose on the seas. It will cost several million dollars a year to run.

Am I the only one who would like to see the expense of this oceanic vehicle payed for by I’m on a Boat!leasing it out to rappers and rock stars to shoot ridiculous, misogynistic music videos on?

To me this sounds a lot better than sending scary fundraisers out to old ladies telling them whales will die unless they send $20.

Rap and Rock videos of a sexy, fantastical nature are also much more in parallel with the unstated raison dĂȘtre of this vessel:

Testosterone induced chest puffing.

Rainbow Warrior III’s secret agenda – be the metrosexual counterpart to those angry Goths from Whale Wars.

Unlike the Sea Shepard and like the Bush administration you won’t find an inch of black on the RW III – in the crew or the engine. You’ll find the RW III sitting in a far flung marina bar decked out in Izod wooing some 21 year old Peace Corp babe with it’s extensive knowledge of the hottest new World Music out of Bulgaria and sly remarks about how Paul Watson has really let him self go in the past few years.

I’ll see you aboard baby – and make mine a free range organic Mai Tai.