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Apparently they have been on Twice!









NBC found a provocative new way to promote their  game show – Twin porn stars with a heart of gold – from Kansas no less. I Shit You Not.

They are hot.

They are dressed identical.

In knee high socks and pigtails.

The kicker – all the money goes to an orphanage.  Isn’t that cute.

The excruciatingly drawn out, dull, ad heavy even for network TV game show is saved only by the grace of long shots of the twin porn stars holding each other, staring into each others sexy little faces while the entire audience mentally undresses and fucks them over and over again.

I believe Bill Hicks predicted this except they still have their clothes on.  For now.

It’s a hell of an improvement over watching Howie Mandel for an hour.

It’s called Minute to Win It, but does anyone really care – we got hot-t twins baby!