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Undefeated 2008 losing Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin prefers Anusara to Ashtanga yoga due to emphasis on adho mukha vrksasana or handstand.

Sarah in full Adho Mukha Vrksasana on a beach near Juneau, AK

The e-mail was found as part of a dump of over 24,199 pages of printed emails from Palin, some of them from the future.  An an e-mail dated December 21st, 2012 responding to a questions from Emily Buck of the James Madison University College Republicans says in part:

Emily, I’d really urge you to consider taking Anusara.  I tell ya they are big on the headstand.  The first time I achieved Adho Mukha Vrksasana in class it cleared my flippin’ head out.  I was so relaxed afterwards I literally fell asleep during Shavasana.

As for the boiled peanuts – you betcha!



It’s rumored Bristol Palin is all about Iyengar but could not be confirmed at press time.