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Rant: Medium in 2013

Posted: September 24, 2014 in 2013, 2014, Reviews
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Dear Medium,

Why am I getting coffee and twitter stories from 2013 on Medium? 

Why can’t I simply look at the newest stories and such.  This is the future, not 2013, not my preferences.   I want ‘new’ bent to my preferences.

I might want something outside of a preference for stories on coffee.  Enjoying a cup of coffee in 2013 is so different than enjoying a cup of coffee in 2014.  I grind my own beans in 2014.  I do a pour over or cold brew.  No more 1819. 


No more 2013.  Reading tweets from 2013 is ridiculous.  Reading tweets from July of 2014 is ridiulous.  There is no such thing as ‘catching up on Twitter’.  There is only two seconds ago, controversy and forgotten about.

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Posted: October 7, 2011 in News


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Peoria, IL (CN) – A wave of powerful, transformational protests have swept through the world.

The Arab Spring has brought down governments in Tunisia and Egypt.  Thousands have been killed confronting the brutal, tired old regimes of Syria, Libya and Bahrain.  Major reform has taken place in Morocco and Oman. Yemen is a fucking mess.

In Spain, Greece, Britain and Ireland unprecedented mass protests have taken place against high unemployment, bailing out the banks and government austerity measures.

And finally, after years of government bailouts, endless war, high unemployment and penetrative frisking at the airports America has had enough.

The Sleeper has Awakened and Thy Name is #fuckyouwashington

This weekend hundreds of thousands Americans went to their kitchen nook, got on their laptop, read a milquetoast journalists call to arms, logged onto Twitter and said loud and clear #fuckyouwashington !!!

The National Guard has been alerted.  Troops have been deployed to the White House and Capital Hill.  There was a nation wide run on food and potato chips.

The Department of Homeland Security has asked all Americans to

‘Don’t Panic, Don’t Twitter’.

What happens next is anybody’s guess.

Stay Tuned.

Dublin (CB) – Political Pundits across Ireland are saying famous British comedian and actor Stephen Fry may just have tipped the scales of the October Irish Presidential elections.  Yesterday on Twitter Fry endorsed Senator David Norris causing online bookmaker Paddy Power to put Norris as the 3 to 5 odds on frontrunner.










“You know what the endorsement of a prominent Cambridge educated gay Englishman does for your chances in Ireland,” Irish political blogger Paddy McCann wrote moments after Fry’s Tweet.  “Can you say ‘Winner’?”

David Norris is a prominent Irish civil rights campaigner and has been elected to the Irish Senate or Seanad Éireann from the Dublin University constituency since 1987.

A local brickie from the Tallaght neighborhood of South Dublin was asked what he thought of Fry’s endorso-tweet.  “I hate the fucking English, I voted Sinn Féin in the last election.  But Fry?  He’s a national treasure, Norris has got me vote now for sure.”

The Irish Presidential race is shaping up to be a crowded one with a diverse range of candidates from Boutros Boutros Ghali to Barry Glendenning vying for the largely ceremonial role.

The successful endorsement of Irish politicians by gay Englishmen is not without precedent.  In 1989 Erasure’s lead singer Andy Bell’s endorsement of Charles Haughey’s is generally credited with Fianna Fáil’s 77 seat victory in the Taoiseach.