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A new racist Anti-Obama Campaign has been launched by the Koch Brothers.  Via a sock puppet in Arizona named Chris ‘Get the government off my state’ Lotto a Facebook campaign urging paid employees of Koch Industries to stick anti-Obama Post It notes on gas pumps across America.

As millions of dollars of Koch Bro. $ has poured in the campaign has surged with thousands of Facebook fans and pictures of Post-It Notes accessorizing gas pumps from across America.

Proof of the Koch Brother involvement until this point has been scant.  Further proof of their involvement say anti-gas pump campaign spokesman and striker for La Liga de Alajuelense Jonathan McDonald.

“It’s not well known that Koch Industries owns Post-It Notes and the Koch Brothers are up to their necks in the oil business. This is a sticky, cynical ploy to increase Koch Industry profits,” panted McDonald as he played keep-y up-y with a soccer ball at the Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto. “The Koch Brothers didn’t make billions being stupid – the fact there is little evidence of their involvement in this so-called grassroots campaign only bolsters our case.”

“This is clearly a racist campaign on behalf of the Koch Brothers, Mr. Lotto and these other so-called ‘grassroots activists’ growled Mickey Hazard, former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder and current London Black Cab Driver.  “Have you ever tried to find black Post It Notes?  They don’t bloody exist.”

McDonald, Hazard and other left leaning opponents have teamed up to form ‘Kick Racism out of Gasoline’ campaign. The new group has enlisted two powerful enemies in its campaign against these gas pump post its: The Wind and Daddy Yankee Reggaeton Mega Hit ‘La Gasolina’.

Representatives of the Koch Brothers were not available for comment.

The Post-It Note Factory located in Burma where a rainforest used to be appeared not to have a phone.

A sophomore at Somedumb University clicked the ‘Like’ Button at the bottom of an article entitled – “Our Post-Facebook Future”.  Asked later the student denied being ironical despite sporting a mustache.