A Brief History of Burning Man – Cowboy Nachos

Posted: August 13, 2011 in BurningMan, NectarKitchen, Recipe
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Cowboy Nachos

This sumptuous, delicate dish is surprisingly easy to make and the perfect meal to prepare for the set-up crew in the days leading up to that event north of Reno.

Inspired by the rolling Alsatian hills of my childhood with a nod to Marfa, TX I present to you Cowboy Nachos.

Take a bag of Fritos ™, place on paper plate, slice bag down middle with appropriate Leatherman implment, pour heated chili over top.


Serves 1 – Chili that passes the Dennison Test preferred.

Goes well with Playa Dust

 Attention Playa Chefs.  What are your favorite simple receipes for feeding the awesome early arrival set up crew that bring the theme camps and villages to life?
  1. Zoe says:

    This will be my 14th consecutive burn and the first one where I don’t have to worrry about or prepare food. I’m an organic vegetarian, a total food snob, and I go all out for BM. Usually I prepare meals for four days and freeze them in tupperware. Then I take that out of the fridge/cooler at BM and leave it in the sun – and by dinner time it’s just a short heat for a pre-cooked meal. I’ve done a lot of spicy food – Indian, Mexican.

    This year – however, a friend of mine working at Gastronaut got me hooked up with Playa Provisions (http://bit.ly/kvHKNN). Gourmet, organic food prepared by ex-Google chefs! As long as you have someone to pick up the food in San Francisco – they take all the work out of BM food. Full fare is offered, both carnivorous and vegetarian, and it’s made and then frozen into a bag which you just drop in boiling water to unfreeze, then cut open to eat (like TastyBites – only ridiculously better). I’m excited to try it out – I’d much rather give them money than the giant corporate non-burner owned companies that make the ingredients of Cowboy Nachos. 😛 😉 Nice post though!

    • Marc says:


      Have a great Burn! Thanks for the info. Yeah I’ve checked Playa Provisions out before – looks interesting – the place I camp once the event begins all the meals are pre playa-homemade vacuum sealed awesome whole food ingredient meals – the cowboy nachos are just a simple meal before the kitchen is set up for the Early Arrival Crew in Bumblepuss, Nectar Village. Annie’s Vegan Chili over some yucca chips works to… (once or twice a year I get a hanker’in for Fritos I just can’t resist, shhh don’t tell anyone!)

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