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Some people in the universe have claimed the Burn of 2022 was, like, really really hard. I came away inspired. Inspired to spread the gospel of Burning Man into corners not traditionally associated with #BurnerLife

Witness the Missionary Work

Mixed martial arts and boxing fans are an underrepresented community at the Burn. Less so with each passing year despite the best efforts of Death Guild. There are tens of millions fight fans out there and they could really freshen the Burn up a bit. Imagine hundreds of Dagestani fighters wrestling bears on the Esplanade. I bet you haven’t seen that before on the playa.

Yes, the Burn was a bit dusty and at times the winds were challenging but there are so many communities that haven’t yet experienced it. Maybe for you it isn’t mixed martial arts fans but the Wisconsin Lions Club or your local Pipefitters Union. Look around you, unless you live in certain parts of the Bay Area almost every community you see hasn’t experienced the Burn. Maybe they should.

Sounds like they embrace the 12 Principles.



Soon an announcement will be made in regards to tickets for this years’ 2022 thing in the desert, AKA Burning Man.  You should be excited.

Bumblepuss and Nectarvillage intend to participate to our fullest and to make it our best year since the Burn of 2003, which will never be topped.

Some of you may have heard of Covid-19.  Still fewer Bumbleers have concerns about Covid-19 and related misanthropic pandemic-ery.  I am here to address those Bumblers with such knowledge and related concerns.  

Rest assured Bumblers.  Bumble Elders have met and we have a plan.

In order that there be not only equality but equity at Bumblepuss and NectarVillage it has been decided that all Bumblers and future Bumblers planning to camp with us in 2022 need to show proof of being infected with Covid-19 at some time within the last five years.

Priority will be given to certain Covid-19 variants.  Those who received the OG ChinaFlu variant in 2019 through November 2020 will be admitted automatically.  Those who were gifted the Delta Tau Delta variant will have points deducted from their application but are likely to get in.  Bumblers blessed with the Alpha and Omega variants may be asked to camp elsewhere.  Those special Bumblers who are granted the Omnikrom virus or any of the variants from January 19th, 2022 forward with the express purpose of camping with Bumblepuss will be made Camp Leads as reward for your special dedication and initiative to all things Bumble.  

If you have any questions, just realize all decisions by Bumble Elders are final.

I can’t wait to Bumble with you this summer!


Bumble Marc