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There is a new blog about The Event North of Reno.  It’s called BurnerLove.

BurnerLove is the Love Child of BurnerMap.  The purpose of the blog is:

‘BurnerLove’ aims to help Burners find out more about other Burners, cool projects, insider news and gossip as well as exploring and cultivating the Burner spirit that makes Burning Man so goddamn fucking awesome I giggle like a teenage girl just thinking about it.

After a marathon negotiating session on the outskirts of Tomah, Wisconsin the staff of Consumptionblog will be contributing one article per week as well as all the integrity and sense of brand loyalty that goes along with having Consumptionblog at your side.

Check out these great articles:

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Follow BurnerLove on Twitter @BurnerMap and while your at it, follow us at @Consumptionblog

Lower Haight, SF (CN) – Long time Burner and San Francisco resident has entered into a fray with  Cranky was last seen rioting in front of the Burning Man Corp. HQ with other ticketless Burners yesterday.  That same day in a bout of productivity not seen in years CrankyDust distributed a press release condemning (see below)

Vague plans for burning were mentioned but with few details – more updates to follow.