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As we head mercilessly toward BurningMan two OHHH double hockey sticks I recall washed over with nostalgia my top ten moments from the megalith that is NectarVilage and Bumblepuss –

Here are my top 10 moments – what are your top ten moments?

Top 10 Moment in 2010 from BurningMan

1. Running around Reno picking up last minute supplies
2. Loading the truck in Fernley
3. Getting onto the playa 5 days before the event started
4. The sandstorm during set up were we all stayed in the one structure we had set up and we all sat around doing K all day
5. SteamBath!
6. The Buffer!
7. The efficient and swift camp strike that left us in the Darkest of Green green on the MOOP Map
8. Grand Sierra Resort – seeing all you Bumblers clean and smiling for the first time in a week
9. Hijinks at the Fernley Storage Space – “Whoever set my car on Fire – I’m gonna get you next year!” Hilarious.
10. Decompression in San Francisco

The Serbian New Age War Criminal joined NectarVillage today; it will be his first and perhaps last trip to arts festival BurningMan.  Mr. Karadzic plans to camp with HeeBeeGeeBee Healers where he’ll be practicing his three strongest healing modalities – energy healer, biofeedback and murdering any Bosnian Burners that may amble into the HeeBee chill space.

Karadzic currently resides in a cell in The Hague but after long delays and set backs the International Criminal Court has decided BurningMan is the best medium to put him on trial.

At night Radovan who has chosen the Burner name ‘Radost’ meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’ in Slavic will go on trial at the Death Guild.  Each night starting at 3am-ish  Death Guild will have a special ‘Two Enter One Leaves, no we really mean it this time’ match.  Radost will get a chance to face of against other international war criminals including Liberia’s Charles ‘Dusty Chuck’ Taylor, Yale’s George “Kennebunk’ Bush and Canada’s Naomi ‘Commie Mommie’ Klein.

NectarVillage head honcho Soup was asked how he thought Karadzic would do in NectarVillage and at Death Guild, “He’ll fit in fine at Nectar, we’ve had war criminals camp with us before and we got along with them like a storm. How Karadzic fares at DeathGuild is anyone’s guess but one his grasp of energy work and great HeeBee meals can only help.”

When Radovan was asked what he thought his toughest challenge would be while at the Black Rock event he stated, “I’m most worried about shaving, I hear it’s a real bitch out there.”