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Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) –Tipper decided on his DJ name (born Albert) when he discovered that 12% of electronic music fans like [insert trip, glitch, or hip] hop.

At his best Tipper revs the crowd into a smudged, pointillist ‘Golfer vs Boxer’ froth with the redolent confidence of a well practiced electronic craftsman.  Tipper has been on a good streak of late, be excited.

Tipper has been inspired by Pyramid Lake for many years, incorporating the sacred geography of trippy looking triangles and stuff into his album covers for many years.  Check out his latest 7″ single to hit the charts, a cover of the old Pavement track ‘Puzzle Dust

When Tipper performs live expect loud downtempo glitch hop with turntablist gumption.

Check out a great set by Brummie Marc Reck featuring lotsa Tipper tracks from 2010:

Find Tipper here.

Tipper on Soundcloud

Twitter: @tippermusic


Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – Imagine if Dusty Springfield had wandered the United States today.  Instead of heading to Memphis she trundles to Los Angeles.  Stumbling in to a late night party she kidnaps Thundercat, gives him ‘ludes and convinces him to produce an album.  A slow hopscotch popstep album emerges after a month of being holed up in a grungy Van Nuys recording studio that features a tank of nitrous oxide, a basement level gravity pool and the entire catalog of Morrissey played on an endless loop.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Pyramid you have James Blake.

'I don't want to hear it anymore'

Listen to ‘Love What Happened Here’

Follow James on Twitter: @jamesblake

or here:

Symbiosis May 17th-21st @SymbiosisEvents

Pyramid Lake, NV (CN) – Making up for a lack of local sunshine Glaswegian DJ Rustie pushes forth a Cornholio sugar rush of rococo chaotic rush blitz sublime fun kiss.

Check out his Essential Mix on Soundcloud to get a two hour peck on the cheek:

Rustie Twitter: @rustie

The Facebook:

Warp Records:

Glass Swords or Pyramid Eclipse?

Laptop – (CN) – Consumptive in Chief just finished watching Season One of Showtime’s Homeland.

I'm a plausible character, I swear!

April brings us Season Two of the gritty reality based HBO drama ‘Game of Thrones’.  Season One of Game of Thrones’ provided an almost documentary take on the byzantine American political scene.

It's Cold and Dangerous in the Beltway

Consumptive Judgement:

Game of Thrones no doubt.

Toned down production values is the backdrop of ‘Game of Thrones’ simple morality play and mirror on our complicated times.  Great underplayed acting is scene throughout but particularly by Sean Bean in the role of Senator Stark.

Even for the fantasy genre which ‘Homeland’ originates, one cannot help but think it’s far to outlandish to be taken seriously beyond children’s fare.  Sure, Claire Danes gets high marks for her acting in the role of a German speaking voyeur in the East German secret police spying on ginger political miscreants but even she can’t overcome the drool covered plot only head writer Kevin Smith could love.

I just watched the first episode of Showtime’s 2011 series ‘Homeland’ and this is my review:

When you immediately start cheering for the Ginger Al Qæda…

I'm happy for his escape

…and simultaneously want to see less of Claire Danes tits…

Less is More Claire...

…perhaps this isn’t the series for you.

I’ll give it a couple more episodes seeing as it took Vuze so long to download it…

Gerlach, NV (CN) As we exit 2011 and crash into 2012 Consumptionblog looks back at the year in BurningMan.  As always ‘The Event North of Reno’ was chock full of more controversy than a soon to be ex-couple arguing about what it means to ‘just be poly on the playa’ in the predawn post coital light.

From Obama to Riots, the End of the World to the NFL, Daftpunk to Hippies, Consumptionblog presents to you the Top Six Burning Man Stories of 2011:

1. The Kenyan who Came from Hope and but Returned to Black Rock City topped the list this year:
Obama To Sell Burning Man Tickets to Ease Federal Debt
2. If it bleeds it leads still rings true in the digital clouds of blogland:
Ticketless Burners Scuffle with Police at Burning Man Office
3. As usual the French come in 3rd:
Daft Punk Cancels Burning Man Appearance
4. The Cultural War Continue to Rage:
Hippies vs Ravers Battle for Supremacy on the Playa
5. Despite the NFL and Burning Man having less than zero in common, they’ve decided to work together:
Burning Man Implements NFL Draft to Sell Tickets
6. The End of the World will be a bigger story in 2012:
New Age Survival Backpack – While Supplies and the Planet Lasts
-And Finally Bonus Burner News Now-
The Question was Finally Asked:
Is Burning Man Foreign Born?

Sex at Dawn – The ‘Conscience of a Conservative‘ for the Poly Community.

Consumptive Note: Over the next month ConsumptionBlog will be posting a series of articles about Sex at Dawn.  Perhaps most exciting to our listeners will be a preview of the hot-tly anticipated sequel staring Judd Nelson and Judd Apatow –

Sex at Dawn II – San Francisco