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Laptop – (CN) – Consumptive in Chief just finished watching Season One of Showtime’s Homeland.

I'm a plausible character, I swear!

April brings us Season Two of the gritty reality based HBO drama ‘Game of Thrones’.  Season One of Game of Thrones’ provided an almost documentary take on the byzantine American political scene.

It's Cold and Dangerous in the Beltway

Consumptive Judgement:

Game of Thrones no doubt.

Toned down production values is the backdrop of ‘Game of Thrones’ simple morality play and mirror on our complicated times.  Great underplayed acting is scene throughout but particularly by Sean Bean in the role of Senator Stark.

Even for the fantasy genre which ‘Homeland’ originates, one cannot help but think it’s far to outlandish to be taken seriously beyond children’s fare.  Sure, Claire Danes gets high marks for her acting in the role of a German speaking voyeur in the East German secret police spying on ginger political miscreants but even she can’t overcome the drool covered plot only head writer Kevin Smith could love.

I just watched the first episode of Showtime’s 2011 series ‘Homeland’ and this is my review:

When you immediately start cheering for the Ginger Al Qæda…

I'm happy for his escape

…and simultaneously want to see less of Claire Danes tits…

Less is More Claire...

…perhaps this isn’t the series for you.

I’ll give it a couple more episodes seeing as it took Vuze so long to download it…

Gerlach, NV (CN) As we exit 2011 and crash into 2012 Consumptionblog looks back at the year in BurningMan.  As always ‘The Event North of Reno’ was chock full of more controversy than a soon to be ex-couple arguing about what it means to ‘just be poly on the playa’ in the predawn post coital light.

From Obama to Riots, the End of the World to the NFL, Daftpunk to Hippies, Consumptionblog presents to you the Top Six Burning Man Stories of 2011:

1. The Kenyan who Came from Hope and but Returned to Black Rock City topped the list this year:
Obama To Sell Burning Man Tickets to Ease Federal Debt
2. If it bleeds it leads still rings true in the digital clouds of blogland:
Ticketless Burners Scuffle with Police at Burning Man Office
3. As usual the French come in 3rd:
Daft Punk Cancels Burning Man Appearance
4. The Cultural War Continue to Rage:
Hippies vs Ravers Battle for Supremacy on the Playa
5. Despite the NFL and Burning Man having less than zero in common, they’ve decided to work together:
Burning Man Implements NFL Draft to Sell Tickets
6. The End of the World will be a bigger story in 2012:
New Age Survival Backpack – While Supplies and the Planet Lasts
-And Finally Bonus Burner News Now-
The Question was Finally Asked:
Is Burning Man Foreign Born?

Sex at Dawn – The ‘Conscience of a Conservative‘ for the Poly Community.

Consumptive Note: Over the next month ConsumptionBlog will be posting a series of articles about Sex at Dawn.  Perhaps most exciting to our listeners will be a preview of the hot-tly anticipated sequel staring Judd Nelson and Judd Apatow –

Sex at Dawn II – San Francisco

A Great Ryan Gosling Vehicle.  Albert Brooks!

– Review –

Three Musketeers: When Steampunk Goes Bad

“As Goes Black Rock City, So Goes the World” Herodotus

Burning Man is in full fledged freak out mode.

Don’t buy the calm, slightly sarcastic repose of the Burning Man organizers.  They are shaking in their dusty black boots.

Burning Man is having a crisis not seen since Larry Harvey decided to hold the Burn of 1916 in Verdun in an ill conceived scheme to save money on fireworks.

Here is but a short list of press reports documenting that event in the desert slightly north of Reno slow decent into chaos:

Tickets are sold out and Burners are rioting

The Man has been exposed as being foreign born

Trance music is at an all time low

Obama has sold his Burning Man tickets yet again.

You can now find your friends easily on the playa.

Ghaddafi to appear in the Thunderdome

PETA has filed suite against Burning Man

New Age Survival Backpacks Selling Like Hotcakes 

She’ll be a better pop star having served time as a sex slave.  Liam Neeson is a bad ass.

If Terrence Malick were from Guangdong province, raised in mean streets of east Oakland and made documentaries about ravers, youth culture and drugs his name wouldn’t be Terrence Malick.

His name would be Le Sheng Liu.

And his new documentary ‘After EDC’ has a trailer out.

Consumptives – please do check out the trailer immediately:

Bournemouth, UK – ‘Tory Direct Action Group UK UnCut steps up campaign against Topshop’.  I read that headline recently and being a naive, curious American I set to find about more about this oddly named group.

First off, ‘Uncut’.  Get that silly image out of your head. It’s not that kind of uncut. Nor is it the SouthPark kind of UnCut though the group would like certain things bigger and longer, mainly the Tory government.  As I’ve found UK Uncut is a thicket of wooly bohemian reactionaries hailing mainly from the south of England.  They desire that places they wouldn’t be caught dead in like Topshop and Lewis Hamilton to give more money to the Tory Government on the theory they will spend it better than people who aren’t Tory Governments.

The group has quickly become notorious invading and protesting TopShop, Marks & Spencer, Fortnum & Mason and others.

I interviewed several UK  Uncut supporters recently at a demo in front of a TopShop on the main high street in Bournemouth.

I found protestor Tilda Smith to be representative of the response I received.  “You’re telling me a person with this kind of fashion sense shouldn’t be paying more Tory tax?”  She held up a new Ipad showing me this:

Swedish Summer, Topshop Flash Sale, 214 Magaizne - LA & NY's Bloggers, Edited

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in that,” continued Tilda,  “especially now, it being a bit chilly at the moment.  And if I did want to wear that I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more tax to David Cameron.”

After chatting a bit more I asked her to describe what she was wearing to the protest.  “Nothing from in there if that’s what you are asking,” pointing at the besieged TopShop store front.  “I got this jumper from my grandparents attic, god knows how old it is but you can’t go wrong with Argyle.  These jeans are from a million years ago, I can’t even recall.   My bra, well Triumph, it was a gift.” she insists with a blush.

“36D?” I ask.

“Yes, how’d you know?!”

“I’m not a Tory but wanna go get a coffee?”

to be continued…